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Signalling across Scales:
From Mechanistic Understanding to


What does it take to make trillions of living cells of the body align their fate and function to form and maintain a healthy organism? In all complex multicellular life – including humans, animals and plants – communication processes within and between cells orchestrate the development from a single cell into a mature organism, and enable the whole organism to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Signalling research addresses the biological communication processes that are fundamental to life and health. While knowledge about individual signalling processes has expanded greatly in recent years, it is still unclear how the plethora of signals are integrated across scales – from individual molecules and cells, to tissues and organs.

It is the goal of the Excellence Cluster CIBSS – Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies to gain a comprehensive understanding of signalling processes across biological scales. The CIBSS Research Team will use this knowledge to develop strategies to precisely control signalling processes. This will not only accelerate research, but also fuel innovation addressing important challenges in biomedicine and plant sciences.