Cluster of Excellence, University of Freiburg

Open positions

A list of the currently open PhD positions in CIBSS is below.


Please apply via the SGBM website


Application deadline: January 6, 2019


Integration of T cell receptor and co-regulatory signalling with metabolic signals in T cell exhaustion (Supervisor: Dr. Dr. Bertram Bengsch)


STAT3-associated human immunodeficiency: integration of signalling and cell metabolism (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Stephan Ehl)


Revealing cellular crosstalk in the liver at single-cell resolution (Supervisor: Dr. Dominic Grün)


Mechanistic understanding of signalling by single-molecule fluorescence (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hugel)


3D nanoscopy and nanomechanics linking molecular signals to biophysical phenotype (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Peter Kohl)


Multi-Scale Modelling and Proteomics Data Analysis (Supervisor: Dr. Clemens Kreutz)


Aligning dynamic TCR assembly with optimal anti-tumour responses (Supervisor: PD Dr. Susana Minguet)


The mitochondrial contact site and cristae organizing system as regulatory hub (Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Pfanner and Dr. Heike Rampelt)


Bessel light-sheet microscopy: object adapted illumination and opto-genetic switching with computer holograms (Supervisor: Prof. Alexander Rohrbach)


Dissecting cellular response to environmental stress: at single-molecule, single-cell and tissue level (Supervisor: Dr. Ritwick Sawarkar)