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CIBSS Career Day

Strike a path!

What? Full day workshop, which supports CIBSS Early Career Researchers (ECR) with career planning. Early planning will allow a smoother transition to your next envisaged career step.

When? 16 September 2021 (face-to-face, if Corona case numbers allow it)

Where? Freiburg, tba

For whom? Especially suitable for doctoral researchers from year 3 onward as well as young postdocs. (The ECR has to be announced by her/his supervisor as CIBSS researcher. If this is the case, the ECR has already received an invitation e-mail for the event.)

Agenda? The Career Day will have two parts with the following prospective content:

  • Morning: Reflect about your strengths/weaknesses and develop a vision for your future
  • Afternoon: Choose one out of three career paths and find out what it takes to follow it
    1. Academic Career
    2. Career in Industry and Start Up
    3. Career in another field (e.g. science management, research center management, science communication/journalism, scientific publishing/editor, graduate school coordinator, science/soft skill trainer, coaching, fundraising, patent office, authority (e.g. RKI), management consulting, other [your own suggestion in registration form])

Register here ASAP (latest until 26 August):

Questions? Send an e-mail to ECR(at)

The Early Career Coordinator(s) look forward to welcoming you the event!