Cluster of Excellence, University of Freiburg


Stress in the Powerhouse of the Cell


University of Freiburg researchers discover a new principle – how cells protect themselves from mitochondrial defects

Receptor complexes on the assembly line


Researchers decipher assembly of glutamate receptors and its importance for memory formation

Local networking with global appeal


Signalling researchers meet at Lake Schluchsee for the first CIBSS retreat to discuss results and future challenges

“A very positive feeling”


Three CIBSS PhD students attended this year’s “I, Scientist” conference at the TU Berlin

“Spaghetti” gel acts like tissue


Biotechnologist Wilfried Weber is building molecular tools with which to make better treatments

A matter of concentration


Researchers are studying how proteins regulate the stem cells of plants

Passing on the fascination for research


20 students spent a day in the labs of the Signalhaus

Doorway and doorman all in one


The protein complex TOM regulates protein access to cell power plants – Chris Meisinger aims to find out which signal pathways can change that selection

Dissolving protein traffic jam at the entrance of mitochondria


Researchers from Freiburg discovered a novel mechanism that ensures obstacle-free protein traffic into the powerhouse of the cell

Epigenetischer Stopp-Schalter für therapieresistenten Prostatakrebs


Forscher des Universitätsklinikums Freiburg und der Universität Freiburg beschreiben ein neues Enzym, das die Aktivität von Genen steuert. [German Version only]

A question of time


Researchers show how the immune system distinguishes between self molecules and non-self molecules such as those from pathogens.

Not all wounds heal according to plan


Cell biologist Anne-Kathrin Classen investigates differences between normal and impaired tissue repair

Traffic control of cells


Researchers develop a hydrogel whose stiffness and permeability to cells can be controlled with light

“Cancer cells often overlook the stop signs”


Julia Jellusova investigates how metabolism influences the function of immune cells

Wie sprechen sich Zellen untereinander ab?


A feature of CIBSS is in the "Clusters of Excellence, Uni Freiburg" series of the Badische Zeitung (German version only)

Binding with consequences


Researchers from Freiburg and Ulm discover mechanism through which bacteria attack white blood cells

Scientists create new map of brain's immune system


A team of researchers under the direction of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg has created an entirely new map of the brain's own immune system in humans and mice.

An elegant mechanism


Researchers discovered a connection between metabolite and protein transport in the powerhouse of the cell

Cover Story for a Control-of-Function Technology


New publication in Chembiochem

Green revolution for grains


Cell biologist Thomas Ott aims to make food supplies securer and farming more sustainable

Velcro for human cells


Freiburg researchers engineer cellular adhesion receptors that can be controlled with light

From Understanding to Communicating in the Language of Life


A feature of CIBSS is in the current issue of the ZEIT newspaper [German version only]

Deep Learning for all


Freiburg computer scientists develop a user-friendly plug-in for the automated analysis of biomedical images

Braking and Accelerating


Maja Köhn uses biochemical tools to investigate how certain enzymes behave when the immune system meets invaders

Connecting Creative Minds


The University of Freiburg has submitted its proposal in the “Universities of Excellence” funding line

One hundred percent success


Two Clusters of Excellence for the University of Freiburg: Biological Signalling Studies and Bioinspired Materials Research