Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies
Cluster of Excellence, University of Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Carola Hunte

Prof. Dr. Carola Hunte

Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Faculty of Medicine),
University of Freiburg

+49 761 203 5279

CIBSS Research Project:


10 selected publications:

  • Mechanistic insight from the crystal structure of mitochondrial complex.
    Zickermann V*, Wirth C, Nasiri H, Siegmund K, Schwalbe H, Hunte C*, Brandt U* (2015).
    Science 347,44-49.
  • Structural analysis of atovaquone-inhibited cytochrome bc1 complex reveals the molecular basis of antimalarial drug action.
    Birth D, Kao WC, Hunte C (2014).
    Nat Comm. 5, 4029.
  • The molecular evolution of the Qo motif.
    Kao WC, Hunte C (2014).
    Genome Biol Evol. 6,1894-1910.
  • Functional modules and structural basis of conformational coupling in mitochondrial complex I.
    Hunte C*, Zickermann V*, Brandt U (2010).
    Science 329, 448-451.
    *equal contribution
  • Structure of complex III with bound cytochrome c in reduced state and definition of a minimal core interface for electron transfer.
    Solmaz SR, Hunte C (2008).
    J Biol Chem. 283, 17542-17549.
  • Structure of a Na+/H+ antiporter and insights into mechanism of action and regulation by pH.
    Hunte C*, Screpanti E, Venturi M, Rimon A, Padan E*, Michel H* (2005).
    Nature 435, 1197-1202.
    *corresponding Lipids in membrane protein structures.
    Palsdottir H, Hunte C (2004).
    Biochim Biophys Acta 1666, 2-18.
  • Crystal structure of the yeast cytochrome bc1 complex with its bound substrate cytochrome c.
    Lange C, Hunte C (2002).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 99, 2800-2805.
  • Specific roles of tightly bound phospholipids in the yeast cytochrome bc1 complex structure.
    Lange C, Nett JH, Trumpower BL, Hunte C (2001).
    EMBO J. 20, 6591-6600.
  • Structure at 2.3 Å resolution of the cytochrome bc1 complex from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae co-crystallized with an antibody Fv fragment.
    Hunte C, Köpke J, Lange C, Roßmanith T, Michel H (2000).
    Structure 8, 669-684.