Cluster of Excellence, University of Freiburg

CIBSS-D – Integrative Signalling Technologies

CIBSS develops powerful new technologies for the quantitative analysis of the composition of signalling assemblies and the spatiotemporal dynamics of signalling processes across biological scales. These technologies will provide unprecedented insight into signalling processes, thereby accelerating research in all areas of CIBSS.



Thomas Brox

Jens Timmer

Bettina Warscheid



Funded projects within Research Area D

 • Determination of transcriptional and post-transcriptiponal regulatory modules from sets of single-cell RNA-seq data (Rolf Backofen)

 • Data efficient deep learning (Thomas Brox)

 • Mechanistic understanding of signalling by single-molecule fluorescence (Thorsten Hugel)

 • Multi-scale modelling, omics data analyses and statistical support (Clemens Kreutz)

 • Bessel light-sheet microscopy: object adapted illumination and opto-genetic switching with computer holograms (Alexander Rohrbach)

 • Mathematical Modelling for CIBSS (Jens Timmer)

 • Temporal and spatial characterization of signalling complexes from nano- to mesoscale by combining advanced microscopy techniques to a multimodal imaging and manipulation setup (Winfried Römer)