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Molecule Gossip

The "Molecule Gossip" is a cooperation between the Bio Design Lab at Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe  and CIBSS where design students get to connect to biological signalling studies with the help of scientific mentors and develop projects in the context of biodesign.

How do trillions of cells coordinate their tasks in a complex organism? And how do cells, bacteria and viruses communicate with each other in the chemical confusion of the nanoscale?


    As part of the Bio Design Challenge 2022, the world's largest international bio design competition, we are working on speculative scenarios as well as concrete, experimental prototypes in transdisciplinary teams of students and researchers, designers and natural scientists.

    Integrative biological signalling research and a two-day laboratory practical (January 2022) will open up initial questions and allow us to explore the challenges and limits of design at the molecular level.

    Involved researchers from CIBSS: