CIBSS Launchpad Funds Recipients 2021

Dr. Ning Zhang


Dr. Ning Zhang


Dr. Ning Zhang
Developmental Biology and Biotechnology of Plants (Faculty of Biology),
University of Freiburg

T +49 761 203 2948

Further Information

Selected publications:

  • Epigenetically jump starting de novo shoot regeneration.
    Zhang N, Laux T. (2018)
    EMBO J. 37(20), e100596.
  • A core regulatory pathway controlling rice tiller angle mediated by the LAZY1-dependent asymmetric distribution of auxin.
    Zhang N, Yu H, Yu H, Cai Y, Huang L, Xu C, Xiong G, Meng X, Wang J, Chen H, Liu G, Jing Y, Yuan Y, Liang Y, Li S, Smith M, Li J, Wang Y. (2018)
    Plant Cell. 30, 1461-1475.
  • Development of highly polymorphic simple sequence repeat markers using genome-wide microsatellite variant analysis in Foxtail millet [Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv].
    Zhang S, Tang C, Zhao Q, Li J, Yang L, Qie L, Fan X, Li L, Zhang N, Zhao M, Liu X, Chai Y, Zhang X, Wang H, Li Y, Li W, Zhi H, Jia G, Diao X. (2014).
    BMC Genomics 15, 78.
  • A haplotype map of genomic variations and genome-wide association studies of agronomic traits in foxtail millet (Setaria italica).
    Jia G, Huang X, Zhi H, Zhao Y, Zhao Q, Li W, Chai Y, Yang L, Liu K, Lu H, Zhu C, Lu Y, Zhou C, Fan D, Weng Q, Guo Y, Huang T, Zhang L, Lu T, Feng Q., Hao H, Liu H, Lu P, Zhang N, Li Y, Guo E, Wang S, Liu J, Zhang W, Chen G, Zhang B, Wang Y, Li H, Zhao B, Li J, Diao X, Han B (2013).
    Nat Genet. 45, 957-961.
  • Novel genomes and genome constitutions identified by GISH and 5S rDNA and knotted1 genomic sequences in the genus Setaria.
    Zhao M, Zhi H, Doust AN, Li W, Wang Y, Li H, Jia G, Zhang N, Diao X (2013).
    BMC Genomics 14, 244.