The University of Freiburg has established modern infrastructure to provide all life scientists with state-of-the-art technologies. For CIBSS, the Hilde Mangold Haus  (former ZBSA) has been allocated and will provide optimal working conditions for several of the new CIBSS research groups. Furthermore, CIBSS will strongly profit from the core facilities implemented in the BIOSS Signalhaus. Both Research Buildings form the Signalling Campus, that will foster the Signalling Research in Freiburg.

Essential Core Facilities of the Signalling Campus are the Signalling Factory and the Robotics Facility in the Signlhaus and the Life Imaging Center (LIC) in the Research Building Habsburgerstr. 49.

Core Facility Signalling Factory

The Signalling Factory is one unit of the Signalhaus Core Facility. It offers the infrastructure and expertise to support research groups regarding Respository, Cell line service, Cloning Service and Protein Expression and Protein Purification Service.


Core Facility Robotics

This facility offers an automation for High Throughput Screening (HTS) protocols as well as iterative process for applied research.


Core Facility Life Imaging Center (LIC)

The LIC has a major focus on live cell imaging of all kind of cells, organisms and culture systems used in cell signaling research, developmental biology and neurobiology. It operates 21 confocal,  superresolution, wide field and screening microscopes for FRET, FRAP, FLIP, FLAP, photoconversion, uncaging, spectral unmixing, TIRF and structured illumination.


Dr. Roland Nitschke

Tel:   +49 761 203 2934


Research Infrastructure at the University of Freiburg include several other Core Facilities and Technology Platforms operated at the University and at the Medical Faculty, that are open for all researchers in Freiburg.

Research Infrastructure University of Freiburg

Research Infrastructure Medical Faculty



Header image: © Harald Neumann / University of Freiburg