Integrative Signalling Technologies

Accelerating integrative signalling research with cutting-edge technologies and analysis

CIBSS develops powerful new technologies for the quantitative analysis of the composition of signalling assemblies and the spatiotemporal dynamics of signalling processes across biological scales. These technologies include high-resolution functional proteomics such as structural proteomics, interaction proteomics, organelle proteomics, redox proteomics and time-resolved phosphoproteomics, as well as advanced imaging technologies with high spatial and temporal resolution. Furthermore, CIBSS will advance new computational analysis techniques and mathematical modelling approaches for achieving an integrated understanding of signalling data collected across biological scales. CIBSS-D projects will therefore provide unprecedented insight into signalling processes, thereby accelerating research in all areas of CIBSS.


Thomas Brox
Jens Timmer


Header image: © Prof. Dr. Thomas Brox