Our Vision

How do the trillions of cells in our body coordinate their actions to support our life and health? This marvel of communication involves a dense traffic of signals both within and between cells. Researchers in the Cluster of Excellence CIBSS - Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies at the University of Freiburg are dedicated to understand how signals orchestrate multicellular life in humans, animals and plants.

How do signals orchestrate multicellular life
in humans, animals and plants?

We seek to uncover how the information encoded by multiple distinct signalling molecules is combined and contextualised, and thus integrated with other fundamental processes such as the cell’s metabolism.  This integration of signals is a key process of life that ensures proper development, function and maintenance of cells and organs, and enables cells to adapt to a changing environment. By examining the integration of signalling processes with cutting-edge technologies across biological scales – from individual molecules and cells to whole tissues and organs – we define new concepts in signalling research.

Moreover, we strive to communicate in the language of life by engineering signalling processes and developing strategies to precisely control them with light - using optogenetics - or with small active compounds. Ultimately, our aim is to develop innovations to meet global challenges in biomedicine and plant sciences. In order to turn this vision to reality, CIBSS brings together experts from the life sciences, chemistry, medicine, computer science, engineering, philosophy and law – transcending disciplines to create a research environment that catalyses discovery and innovation.


Header image: © Michal Rössler / University of Freiburg