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On this page you will find articles and links to news about CIBSS and CIBSS members in online media, newspapers, radio and television. We link to the respective website if the article is available online.


· GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift

ROCS - Fast and label-free super-resolution imaging
· BIOspektrum

Molekularer Regler des Pflanzenwachstums

Molecular feedback-loop for plant growth
· Badische Zeitung

Ethylen hilft Pflanzen, Hochwasser zu überleben
· Nature Mehods Technology Feature

The making of microscope camera standards
· Nature Methods Technology Feature

Imaging standards to ease reproducibility and the everyday
· Badische Zeitung

Archaeen sind Urwesen mit Hang zum Extremismus

What makes some plants resistant to flooding?

The signaling pathways that make plants more resistant to flooding
· My Science

Cell Division in Moss and Animals More Similar Than Previously Thought