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CIBSS in the Media

On this page you will find articles and links to news about CIBSS and CIBSS members in online media, newspapers, radio and television. We link to the respective website if the article is available online.


· Badische Zeitung

Archaeen sind Urwesen mit Hang zum Extremismus

What makes some plants resistant to flooding?

The signaling pathways that make plants more resistant to flooding
· My Science

Cell Division in Moss and Animals More Similar Than Previously Thought
· Technology Networks

New Method Simplifies Lung Organoid Generation
· GIT Laboratory Journal

Researchers call for standards in biological imaging

GIT Laboratory Journal

Researchers call for standards for biological imaging
· News Medical

Breath measurements can be used to determine antibiotic concentrations in the body

· Science Daily

Antibiotic levels measurable in breath


CIBSS investigator on Coronavirus Antibody Testing and Vaccination

CIBSS investigator Susana Minguet is interviewed by the SWR on what antibody tests can tell us about the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 after vaccination.