CIBSS Launchpad Funds Recipients 2020

Dr. Maximilian Hörner


Dr. Maximilian Hörner


Dr. Maximilian Hörner
Biochemistry (Faculty of Biology), University of Freiburg

T +49 761 203 67485

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10 selected publications

  • Spatiotemporally confined red light-controlled gene delivery at single-cell resolution using adeno-associated viral vectors.
    Hörner M+, Jerez-Longres C, Hudek A, Hook S, Yousefi OS, Schamel WWA, Hörner C, Zurbriggen MD, Ye H, Wagner HJ, Weber W+ (2021).
    Sci Adv. 16;7(25):eabf0797.
  • A graphical user interface to design high-throughput optogenetic experiments with the optoPlate-96.
    Thomas OS, Hörner M+, Weber W+ (2020).
    Nat Protoc. 15(9):2785-2787.
  • Phytochrome-Based Extracellular Matrix with Reversibly Tunable Mechanical Properties.
    Hörner M, Raute K, Hummel B, Madl J, Creusen G, Thomas OS, Christen EH, Hotz N, Gübeli RJ, Engesser R, Rebmann B, Lauer J, Rolauffs B, Timmer J, Schamel WWA, Pruszak J, Römer W, Zurbriggen MD, Friedrich C, Walther A, Minguet S, Sawarkar R, Weber W (2019).
    Adv Mater. 31(12):e1806727.
  • Production of Phytochromes by High-Cell-Density E. coli Fermentation.
    Hörner M, Gerhardt K, Salavei P, Hoess P, Härrer D, Kaiser J, Tabor JJ, Weber W (2019).
    ACS Synth Biol. 8(10):2442-2450.
  • Optogenetic control shows that kinetic proofreading regulates the activity of the T cell receptor.
    Yousefi OS, Günther M, Hörner M, Chalupsky J, Wess M, Brandl SM, Smith RW, Fleck C, Kunkel T, Zurbriggen MD, Höfer T, Weber W, Schamel WWA (2019).
    Elife 8:e42475.
  • Light-Controlled Affinity Purification of Protein Complexes Exemplified by the Resting ZAP70 Interactome.
    Hörner M*, Eble J*, Yousefi OS*, Schwarz J*, Warscheid B, Weber W+, Schamel WWA+ (2019).
    Front Immunol. 10:226.
  • Generic and reversible opto-trapping of biomolecules.
    Beyer HM*, Thomas OS*, Riegel N, Zurbriggen MD, Weber W+, Hörner M+ (2018).
    Acta Biomater. 79:276-282.
  • Synthetic Biology Makes Polymer Materials Count.
    Beyer HM, Engesser R, Hörner M, Koschmieder J, Beyer P, Timmer J, Zurbriggen MD, Weber W (2018).
    Adv Mater. 30(21):e1800472.
  • Optogenetic control of focal adhesion kinase signaling.
    Hörner M*, Chatelle C*, Mühlhäuser WWD*, Stocker DR, Coats M, Weber W, Radziwill G (2018).
    Cell Signal. 42:176-183.
  • A chemical switch for controlling viral infectivity.
    Hörner M*, Kaufmann B*, Cotugno G, Wiedtke E, Büning H, Grimm D, Weber W (2014).
    Chem Commun (Camb).50(71):10319-22.

*equal contribution. +co-corresponding authors.