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Prof. Dr. Nora Vögtle

Prof. Dr. Nora Vögtle


Prof. Dr. Nora Vögtle
Now: Centre for Molecular Biology Heidelberg,
University of Heidelberg

T +49 622154 6866

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Our group is interested in mitochondrial proteases and their role in quality control and mitochondrial proteostasis. In particular, we are aiming to understand the function of presequence proteases that are important for maturation of the majority of all mitochondrial proteins. Defects in protein maturation trigger a protective stress response by mitochondria-to-nucleus communication that adapts the mitochondrial proteome by changes in nuclear transcription. Mutations in the presequence proteases have been identified in patients and result in severe neurodegeneration and cardiomyopathies. We are using different model organisms (yeast, cell lines, mouse models) and cell biological and biochemical techniques to analyze mitochondrial functions and signaling between mitochondria and the rest of the cell in vivo and in organello. By this we want to understand the physiological functions of presequence proteases and identify the pathomechanisms that result in human diseases.



mitochondria, stress response, mitochondria-to-nucleus communication, mitochondrial diseases, proteases, proteostasis


10 selected publications

  • Increased mitochondrial protein import and cardiolipin remodelling upon early mtUPR.
    Poveda-Huertes D, Taskin AA, Dhaouadi I, Myketin L, Marada A, Habernig L, Büttner S, Vögtle FN (2021).
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  • Global kinome profiling reveals DYRK1A as critical activator of the human mitochondrial import machinery.
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  • Functional coupling of presequence processing and degradation in human mitochondria.
    Kücükköse C, Taskin AA, Marada A, Brummer T, Dennerlein S, Vögtle FN.
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  • An early mtUPR: Redistribution of the nuclear transcription factor Rox1 to Mmitochondria protects against intramitochondrial proteotoxic aggregates.
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  • Mutations in PMPCB Encoding the Catalytic Subunit of the Mitochondrial Presequence Protease Cause Neurodegeneration in Early Childhood.
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  • Landscape of submitochondrial protein distribution.
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  • MIPEP recessive variants cause a syndrome of left ventricular non-compaction, hypotonia, and infantile death.
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  • The fusogenic lipid phosphatidic acid promotes the biogenesis of mitochondrial outer membrane protein Ugo1.
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  • Amyloid-β peptide induces mitochondrial dysfunction by inhibition of preprotein maturation.
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  • Global analysis of the mitochondrial N-proteome identifies a processing peptidase critical for protein stability.
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