Principal Investigators

Jun Prof. Dr. Sjon Hartman

Jun Prof. Dr. Sjon Hartman


Jun Prof. Dr. Sjon Hartman

Plant Environmental Signalling and Development (Faculty of Biology)
University of Freiburg


Further Information

Flood severity and frequency are increasing strongly as a consequence of climate change. Floods have a devastating impact on crop productivity and understanding how a variety of plant species sense flooding and acclimate accordingly is essential for flood-resilient crop breeding. In our lab/CIBSS project we study the spatiotemporal dynamics of flooding signals and how they mediate plant stress responses and development. Moreover, we are interested in how prior flooding events and the associated signals control plant development and stress responses during subsequent flooding stress, a process we call flooding memory.



Plant Development, Abiotic Stress, Epigenetic Stress Memory, Plant Flooding, Ethylene; Hypoxia

10 selected publications:

  • The leaf sheath promotes prolonged flooding protection by giving rise to specialized adventitious roots.
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  • Ethylene inhibits rice root elongation in compacted soil via ABA- and auxin-mediated mechanisms.
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