Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler

Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler


Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler
Institute of Physiology II (Faculty of Medicine)
University of Freiburg

T +49 761 203 5175

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The central goal of the Fakler lab is to investigate and understand

‘How rapid signal transduction at and across the plasma membrane is organized and operated’.

This signaling that is fundamental for perception, processing and storage of information is mediated by protein assemblies (or complexes) integral to the cell membrane and working as ion channels, transporters or receptors coupled to G-proteins and other transducers. It is our long-standing interest to get insight into

  • How these complexes are assembled or what subunits are required for their establishment
  • How their assembly is realized (in ER and plasma membrane)
  • How they operate at the plasma membrane (in concert with other assemblies)
  • How they realize the enormous specificity of signaling in both time and space
  • How they endow signaling with the activity-dependent dynamics required for memory formation and/or adaptation to external boundaries and
  • How impairment of their function (in assembly and/or operation) leads to disease(s).

For this purpose, we use a multidisciplinary approach combining high resolution proteomics (proprietary biochemistry, mass spectrometry), complexome analysis (csBN-MS), electrophysiology (various techniques in cells and tissue slices), 2-photon imaging and fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy (conventional, freeze-fracture replicas), structural biology (NMR, cryo-EM).



Protein complexes, mass spectrometry, proteomics, patch-clamp, complexome, csBN-MS, freeze-fracture replicas, protein assembly, protein-protein interactions

Understanding the brain requires understanding organization and operation of its protein constituents

10 selected publications

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* corresponding author