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Prof. Dr. Björn Lillemeier

Prof. Dr. Björn Lillemeier


Prof. Dr. Björn Lillemeier
Institute of Biology III – Molecular Immunology (Faculty of Biology)
University of Freiburg


Further Information

Ten selected publications

  • Septins organize endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane junctions for STIM1-ORAI1 calcium signalling.
    Katz ZB, Zhang C, Quintana A, Lillemeier BF, Hogan PG (2019).
    Sci Rep. 9(1):10839.
  • Phosphotyrosine-dependent interaction between the kinases PKCθ and Zap70 promotes proximal TCR signaling.
    Xie J, Han X, Zhao C, Canonigo-Balancio AJ, Yates JR 3rd, Li Y, Lillemeier BF, Altman A (2019).
    Sci Signal. 12(577):eaar3349.
  • A cycle of Zap70 kinase activation and release from the TCR amplifies and disperses antigenic stimuli.
    Katz ZB, Novotná L, Blount A, Lillemeier BF (2017).
    Nat Immunol. 18(1):86-95.
  • Superresolution imaging reveals nanometer- and micrometer-scale spatial distributions of T-cell receptors in lymph nodes.
    Hu YS, Cang H, Lillemeier BF (2016).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 113(26):7201-6.
  • B cell antigen receptors of the IgM and IgD classes are clustered in different protein islands that are altered during B cell activation.
    Maity PC, Blount A, Jumaa H, Ronneberger O, Lillemeier BF, Reth M (2015).
    Sci Signal. 8(394):ra93.
  • T cell receptor dwell times control the kinase activity of Zap70.
    Klammt C, Novotná L, Li DT, Wolf M, Blount A, Zhang K, Fitchett JR, Lillemeier BF (2015). Nat Immunol. 16(9):961-9.
  • How membrane structures control T cell signaling.
    Klammt C, Lillemeier BF (2012).
    Front Immunol. 3:291.
  • TCR and Lat are expressed on separate protein islands on T cell membranes and concatenate during activation.
    Lillemeier BF, Mörtelmaier MA, Forstner MB, Huppa JB, Groves JT, Davis MM (2010).
    Nat Immunol. 11(1):90-6.
  • Plasma membrane-associated proteins are clustered into islands attached to the cytoskeleton.
    Lillemeier BF, Pfeiffer JR, Surviladze Z, Wilson BS, Davis MM (2006).
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 103(50):18992-7.
  • STAT1 from the cell membrane to the DNA.
    Lillemeier BF, Köster M, Kerr IM (2001).
    EMBO J. 20(10):2508-17.