Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer

Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer


Prof. Dr. Jens Timmer

Institute of Physics (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics)
University of Freiburg

T +49 761 203 5829

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CIBSS Research Project:

The goals of the group which mainly consists of theoretical physicists are two-fold. On the one hand, we develop mathematical methods for analyzing and modelling biological systems, most often based on dynamic time-resolved data. This includes parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis for dynamical systems. On the other hand, we apply these methods in close collaboration with experimentalists in the field of signalling research and synthetic biology. Integrative mathematical models enable to look at biological systems in a way that traditional biological approaches and techniques does not allow. The final goal is not to have a mathematical model – a model is nice to have – but to use the model in order to unterstand biology.  By this approach, we aim to help to turn the life sciences from a qualitative descriptive into a quantitative predictive science.



Integrative mathematical modelling, Data analysis, Parameter estimation in dynamical systems, Signalling, Synthetic biology

Kurt Levin

There is nothing more practical than a good theory.

10 selected publications

  • Ochoa-Fernandez R, Abel NB, Wieland FG, Schlegel J, Koch LA, Miller B, Engesser R, Giuriani G, Brandl SM, Timmer J, Weber W, Ott T, Simon R, Zurbriggen MD (2020).
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  • Resolving the combinatorial complexity of Smad protein complex formation and its link to gene expression.
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  • Driving the model to its limit: Profile likelihood based model reduction.
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  • A red/far-red light-responsive bi-stable toggle switch to control gene expression in mammalian cells.
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  • Covering a broad dynamic range: information processing at the erythropoietin receptor.
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