Early Career Event

CIBSS Supervisors Webinar Series

Session 2 of  Webinar Series: Effective Communication

Target Group:

(Current and future) group leaders, postdoctoral researchers, junior professors, and early-career researchers with supervision duties in CIBSS labs.


Series Overview:

Leading a team is usually a completely new challenge for many academics. Going from a student role to a teacher or manager role can be a very stark transition that requires extra skills and training. The Supervisors Webinar Series, led by trainer Desiree Dickerson, aims to help academics bridge this gap by providing insights and strategies on navigating the diverse roles of a supervisor, supporting student mental health, fostering effective communication and provide efficient feedback, managing conflicts in a team, and enhancing motivation and productivity.


Session description:

As leaders, we need to communicate effectively and use feedback as the powerful and motivating tool it can be. Also, good communication is a skill our students need to develop whilst in our research group. In this webinar we describe different tools and strategies to improve our communication skills and our ability to provide efficient feedback.


To join, please contact the early career coordinator: launchpad(at)cibss.uni-freiburg.de