CIBSS Career

Doctoral Researchers


CIBSS and the Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine at the University of Freiburg joined forces to establish the CIBSS Track in SGBM. The aim is to foster the development of research independence and to provide comprehensive career support.


  • Standardised and thorough process with stringent criteria
  • Travel costs for interviews can be covered by CIBSS

Excellent Supervision

  • Annual thesis committee meeting
  • Biannual meeting with Program Coordinator
  • Excellent scientific guidance from CIBSS PIs and AIs


  • Support for conference attendance and research stays abroad
  • Annual Retreat
  • Monthly student meetings
  • Student-organised conferences
  • Faculty- and University-wide assemblies

Tailored Curriculum

Career Advice and Preparation

  • Transferable skills (scientific writing, communication skills, intellectual property)
  • Career coaching and mentoring
  • Annual Career Evenings
  • Support for conference attendance and research stays abroad

About SGBM

Founded in the DFG Excellence Initiative in 2006
Successfully extended in 2012


Outcomes of the doctoral programme

Excellent scientific publications

  • Publications per doctoral researcher: 2.9 on average
  • Publications with impact factor >10: in 13% of doctoral student publications

Timely completion of doctoral degree
Programme design: Dr. rer. nat. after three years

Excellent career prospects
In academia, industry and science management


More information about SGBM can be found at: