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ITPK1 is an InsP6/ADP phosphotransferase that controls phosphate signaling in Arabidopsis

Riemer E, Qiu D, Laha D, Harmel RK, Gaugler P, Gaugler V, Frei M, Hajirezaei MR, Laha NP, Krusenbaum L, Schneider R, Saiardi A, Fiedler D, Jessen HJ, Schaaf G, Giehl RFH.

Mol Plant 2021; doi: 10.1016/j.molp.2021.07.011

Phosphate homeostasis is tightly regulated in plants. We demonstrate how several inositol phosphates and pyrophosphates change dynamically during phosphate starvation, sufficiency, and resupply. This study provides detailed insights into how changes in nutritional and energetic status are correlated with inositol phosphates and pyrophosphates.