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Associate Investigators

Prof. Dr. Heiko Heerklotz

Prof. Dr. Heiko Heerklotz


Prof. Dr. Heiko Heerklotz
Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy (Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy),
University of Freiburg

T +49 761 203 6338

Further Information

10 selected publications:

  • Engineering asymmetric lipid vesicles: Accurate and convenient ontrol of the outer leaflet lipid composition.
    Markones M, Drechsler C, Kaiser M, Kalie L, Heerklotz H, Fiedler S (2018).
    Langmuir 34:1999-2005
  • Biomembrane permeabilization: Statistics of individual leakage events harmonize the interpretation of vesicle leakage.
    Braun S, Pokorná Š, Šachl R, Hof M, Heerklotz H, Hoernke M (2018).
    ACS Nano 12:813-819
  • Correlating antimicrobial activity and model membrane leakage induced by nylon-3 polymers and detergents
    Hovakeemian SG, Liu R, Gellman SH, Heerklotz H (2015).
    Soft Matter 11:6840-51
  • Characterizing vesicle leakage by fluorescence lifetime measurements.
    Patel H, Tscheka C, Heerklotz H (2009).
    Soft Matter 5:2849-2851
  • Monitoring detergent-mediated solubilization and reconstitution of lipid membranes by isothermal titration calorimetry.
    Heerklotz H, Tsamaloukas A, Keller S (2009).
    Nat Protocols 4:686-697
  • Interactions of surfactants with lipid membranes.
    Heerklotz H (2008).
    Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics 41:205-264
  • Uptake and release protocol for assessing membrane binding and permeation by way of isothermal titration calorimetry.
    Tsamaloukas A, Keller S, Heerklotz H (2007).
    Nat Protocols 2:695-704
  • A quantitative model describing the selective solubilization of membrane domains.
    Keller S, Tsamaloukas , Heerklotz H (2005).
    J Am Chem Soc. 127:11469-11476
  • Structural, volumetric and thermodynamic characterization of a micellar sphere-to-rod transition.
    Heerklotz H, Tsamaloukas A, Kita-Tokarczyk K, Strunz P, Gutberlet T (2004).
    J Am Chem Soc. 126:16544
  • Triton promotes domain formation in ´lipid raft´ mixtures.
    Heerklotz H (2002).
    Biophys. J. 83:2693-2701