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Postdoctoral Researchers

Our postdoctoral career programme supports young researchers to boost their creativity and their transition to scientific independence. The CIBSS Launchpad Programme (CLP) provides comprehensive measures so that postdocs can optimally prepare for the challenges they will face as independent group leaders. Tailored and structured mentoring, qualification programmes, networking possibilities, as well as funds for independent research projects and awards bring researchers in position to launch their science career.

Career & Project Planning
  • Launchpad Flightplan: The Flightplan is a career planning document. It contains personal career goals and lists achievements of the past year.
  • Launchpad Mentoring: CIBSS mentors support CLP members by sharing their experiences and giving individual advice on career plans.
Tailored Qualifications
  • Special Launchpad Trainings & Events e.g. Advanced Scientific Writing, Good Scientific Practice, Grant Writing, Networking
  • Further offers from cooperation partners
Launchpad Research Funds

CLP members can apply for funds, which help the postdoctoral researcher to start a research project as a basis for her/his own research grants.

Join the programme!

To profit from the CLP measures, interested CIBSS Postdocs (working on a CIBSS project led by a CIBSS investigator) need to become a CLP member.

CIBSS support measures
  • InteGREATor Award recognizes outstanding scientific achievements of docs and postdocs including award funds.
  • CIBSS Scientific Editing to provide detailed feedback on funding applications and manuscripts.
  • CIBSS Lab Support during pregnancy and early parenthood.
  • CIBSS Conference and Training Grant for conferences and scientific trainings
Cooperation Partners