Wissenschaft & Gesellschaft

Mit Outreach-Programmen für die lokale Bevölkerung sowie Bildungsveranstaltungen für Schüler*innen und Lehrer*innen möchte CIBSS die Öffentlichkeit über die Forschung am Exzellenzcluster informieren und beteiligen. CIBSS engagiert sich für einen offenen Dialog mit der Öffentlichkeit, den Medien und Politiker*innen über die Forschung am Cluster und über die gesellschaftlichen und ethischen Aspekte der biologischen Signalforschung.

Wir freuen uns über alle Anfragen aus der Öffentlichkeit! Bitte wenden Sie sich an unser Presseteam, wenn Sie mehr über CIBSS und die biologische Signalforschung erfahren möchten.

Wir bieten folgende Programme, Aktivitäten und Materialien für die Öffentlichkeit, Lehrer*innen, und Schüler*innen an:


CIBSS School Ambassadors

What is it like to study at university? Should I consider a career in science? What does the daily life of a scientist look like? CIBSS will be sending a delegation of students and doctoral researchers to schools in Freiburg and beyond to share their knowledge and experiences from the university and the research laboratory.

On-site visits

We are happy to organize visits for school classes and other interested parties to the buildings and laboratories at the University of Freiburg. Once a year we also invite classes of high school students to visit CIBSS research laboratories and get hands-on experience in Synthetic Biology. Please note that on-site visits are currently not permitted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teacher training

CIBSS biannually holds one-day training courses for high school teachers. The focus of these courses is on integrative biological signalling, synthetic biology, and the ethical and social aspects of life science research.

Science events for the public

The public including school children and their parents can learn about research at CIBSS at local events such as the Wissenschaftsmarkt (in Freiburg) or Science Days at the Europa Park (in Rust or online in 2020). 

Public talks and lectures

CIBSS researchers hold lectures for the public, as for example at the yearly Pint of Science Festival. Stay tuned for announcements on our events page or on Twitter. A public lecture on the newest breakthroughs in the understanding of how cells respond to their environment and communicate with one another is in preparation.

Children's Books on CIBSS research topics

CIBSS scientist Julia Jellusovahas authored and illustrated several children’s books, including a book entitled ‘Discover your Immune System’ and 'Discover the language of the cells' on how the cells in our body respond to their environment and communicate with one another. Interested in a free copy courtesy of CIBSS? Then get in touch with at the E-mail address below.



If you are a student, teacher or school representative, or member of the public, please contact