The role of p62/SQSTM1 in integrating metabolic and signalling cues in B cells

Dr. Julia Jellusova (CIBSS-PI), Institute of Biology III (Faculty of Biology), University of Freiburg

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Lymphocytes need to be able to alter their metabolic activity to meet their energetic and biosynthetic requirements and to adapt to a changing metabolic environment. Our hypothesis is that p62/SQSTM1 governs the balance between catabolic and anabolic processes within the cells and thus supports proliferation if nutrients are available and survival if nutrients are scarce. P62/SQSTM1 is a multifunctional scaffolding protein known to regulate different signaling pathways and to play a role in the removal of damaged organelles via autophagy. Our goal is to define the role of p62 in integrating cell signalling and metabolism in normal and malignant B cells. Ultimately our aim is to identify metabolic vulnerabilities that could be therapeutically exploited in B cell driven diseases.