Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies
Cluster of Excellence, University of Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rohrbach

Prof. Dr. Alexander Rohrbach

IMTEK Department of Microsystems Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)
University of Freiburg

+49 761 203 7536

CIBSS Research Project:


10 selected publications:

  • Fast, label-free super-resolution live-cell imaging using rotating coherent scattering (ROCS) microscopy
    Jünger F, Olshausen P, Rohrbach A (2016).
    Sci Rep. 28;6:30393
  • Separation of ballistic and diffusive fluorescence photons in confocal Light-Sheet Microscopy of Arabidopsis roots.
    Meinert T, Tietz O, Palme KJ, Rohrbach A (2016).
    Sci Rep. 6:30378.
  • Surface imaging beyond the diffraction limit with optically trapped spheres.
    Friedrich L, Rohrbach A (2015).
    Nat Nanotechnol. 10(12):1064-9.
  • Measuring local viscosities near plasma membranes of living cells with photonic force microscopy.
    Jünger F, Kohler F, Meinel A, Meyer T, Nitschke R, Erhard B, Rohrbach A (2015).
    Biophys J. 109(5):869-82.
  • Superresolution Imaging of Dynamic MreB Filaments in B. subtilis - A Multiple-Motor-Driven Transport?
    v Olshausen P, Soufo HJD, Graumann P, Wicker K, Heintzmann R, Rohrbach A (2013).
    Biophys J. 105(5):1171 – 1181
  • Object adapted optical trapping and shape tracking of energy switching helical bacteria.
    Koch M. Rohrbach A (2012).
    Nat Photonics, 6, 680 - 686
  • Microfluidic sorting of arbitrary cells with dynamic optical tweezers.
    Landenberger B, Höfemann H, Wadle S, Rohrbach A (2012).
    Lab Chip, 12, 3177-3188.
  • Propagation stability of self-reconstructing Bessel beams enables contrast-enhanced imaging in thick media.
    Fahrbach FO, Rohrbach A (2012)
    Nature Communications 3: p. 632.
  • Microscopy with self-reconstructing beams.
    Fahrbach, FOP, Simon P, Rohrbach A (2010). 
    Nature Photonics. 4(11):780-785
  • Filopodia act as phagocytic tentacles and pull with discrete steps and a load-dependent velocity.
    Kress H, Stelzer EHK, Holzer D, Buss F, Griffiths G, Rohrbach A (2007). 
    Proc Nat Acad Sci.104, 11633–11638